Monarch Brewing

Monarch Brewing
>>matt: monticello underwent a major renovation. this former methodist church has been converted to a restaurant and brewery. ryan burk had an opportunity to check it out. really excited to see what you got to see. >>ryan: it’s amazing to see the transformation this place has gone through. the building they occupy, it’s a really unique atmosphere with a serve up one-of-a-kind drinks and food. it’s today’s taste of the town. [music] from the tables to the windows, to the balcony for the choir, it may be easy to think you are sitting in church. after you look a little closer, you soon realize, this definitely isn’t sunday morning. >> the first time we walked into this building, we just fell in love with it. you look at the stained glass windows and all of the hardwood. crown molding, this building has so much character. they sure don’t make buildings like this anymore. >>ryan: mats – – is



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