Mona Lisa Restaurant

Mediterranean Shrimp from Mona Lisa Restaurant.
for god food, fine dining, and they’re back with another great recipe. welcome back. >> you’re getting ahead of us here. you don’t understand, we ned baby steps on “conecticutn style”. >> we will get you involved. make shrimp mediterranean. start dropping the shrimp in. >> what is in here?h >> olive oil and garlic. >> a man of fnewo words. >> we would never last at hisa place. >> here we go. >> buterflied the shrimp. >> buterfly shrimp. >> anna and that means cutting it down t he center. >> and you clean out the black mucus you will se. >> and say mucus while we’re preparing lunch. >> and stand back from the oil. >> we’re already browned the garlic. >> yes. and we use very large slip shrim p there, only one size i use, they’re 10s, which means 10 pieces to the pound which is very large size. >> what is great about your place,s astand back to protect both of us here, you tieo in italian w



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