Mona’s Chicken

Mona Lisa Restaurant
mona lisa. tom, nice toto have youe here. >> than k you for having h me.e >> now, we know that t there his a greekk influence, you have a e greek background but mona lisa you do italian food. >> today is the mona lisa chicken, it is a twist to stuffing a chicken. we ad the shrimp, scallops, seafood, but on the mediterranean side we will do specialty dishes, ricees puddings, lamb chops, lamb stew us. >> try to incorporate the greek element into the dishes, as well. >> yes. >> yo u’ve ben there how long? >> two years . >> and in the business since you were a wee little man. >> a little kid. in the diner business, that is where wewe started, diner, restaurants, catering. >> what isa involved in this dish? sh >> every thing, shrimps, scallops, asparagus. >> throw it in there. >> go for it. >> that is what we wall them on “connecticut style”. >> we’ve al’ready heated it is this buter? >> this



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