Mon Ami’s Shares The Recipe For A Christmas Drink

Warm up for the Holidays with a Hot Buttered Rum drink
>> welcome back to “san antonio living. and you know, it wouldn’t be a holiday party without great drinks and we brought in the best bartender in san antonio, from mom ami, and i read about you in the magazine and then funny story, i also saw you in my husband’s gq magazine the other day, you have quite the accolades going on out there. >> i count my blessings. >>and you would count yourself an old-school bartender. >> itself, i love what i do and i learn by making mistaiks and i mistakes and i have made a lot of mistakes. >> and hopefully we’ll have something great from you today. we’re going to start with hot buttered rum. >> i would like to start with this drink that goes all the way back to the colonial days and we’ll start with raw cane sugar. >> which you can find at special t stores. >> and just enough hot water to melt the shuller. the sugar. >> and we’ve taken you out of the bar



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