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All right, festive, easy and edible mom squad member stacie harmon and daughter savannah are back on the blend to teach us to make edible christmas wreaths. Good morning, ladies.nnGood morning, carley. How are you?nnGood. Are you ready for christmas?nnYeah.nnShe is.nnMommy’s not so much.nnSavannah, have you sent your list to santa?nnWell, most of it i did.nnMost of it. There’s going to be last-minute options on there?nnYeah.nnShould i ask you if you’ve been a good girl or mom?nnMom.nnMom?nnShe has been a very good girl.nnI thought that was going to be the answer.nnWhat did you say?nnShe finds things for me. When i lose them, she finds them. Quite a helper.nnI found her make-up under the chair.nnGo ahead. Spill more. Just kidding.nnSo you guys, so you made christmas wreaths. These are some you have already made.nnA family tradition. My grandmother used to make these all the time and it wa



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