Mom Squad – Strawberry Heaven Pie

Debbie Fabre returns from competing in Paula Deen’s Real Women of Philadelphia cooking contest in Savannah, Georgia.
jackpot winner. >>> she has ben dining with the stars and cooking with the stars. debbie fabaray was a finalist in the coking competition with paula den. she may not have won but is a winner with us. welcome back. i’m kind of glad you didn’t make it all the way to the stars. >> saving myself for southwest florida and you, carley. you are as much fun as paula deen. >> we are going to do a couple things. recap on where you went. you just got back from savannah. >> that’s right. >> and another great dessert to share with us, this is strawberry heaven. >> if you like strawberries, thistakes you right there. >> all right. what did we do here? >> we started out with a regular pie crusty bought at the grocery store and baked. the whole point of the dessert for the viewers is something they can do quick and easy no matter what level of cooking you are on, whether a beginner or advanced it is qui



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