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Cooking with the Mom Squad
school’s out and that means many kids will be spending more time at home. but just as adults lead balanced lives so do the children, here with great ideas for parents and kiddos is stacie harmon and superstar kid this morning my first time meeting you suzanna. hi. gorgeous, you can tell this is yours. >> my mini mate. >> are we done with schol? >> yes. >> what grade did we just complete? >> second grade. >> are you excited to go into third grade? we are talking about the balance, stacie, right? what y. is this morning and kids like beautiful suzanna staying home. >> we are not used to our children home all day long. once they are, they will sit and play video games or watch television. they will do anything other than some of the things we want them to do, chores, continuing education while they’re of. they need to be reading at least maybe a chapter a month. i mean come on. >> so you re



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