Mom Squad – Smoothies

Ashley Varone – Mom
how about an eat mole cookie breakfast smoothie. ashley is here to show us how to make the kid-friendly smoothieses. thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> are these healthy? >> absolutely. your kids would never know. they are going to think they are drinking something just as delicious and tasty as an oatmeal cookie. >> cookie is in the – >> right. have you to make it apealing to kids, otherwise they’re not going to get all the good nutrientses you want them to have in their diet. >> yes. so when did you start making smoothies? have you done this for a while? >> i have been making smothies for quite a while. one of my first jobs as at a smoothie shop in orlando where i grew up. i learned the basics there and have been experimenting ever since. >> is this your recipe? >> this is my original recipe. i have not gotten this from anyone else. i made everything — i’ve kind of created a h



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