Mom Squad / Oat & Almond Bars

Baking for the family with Jennifer ByernOat & Almond Bars
? ? >>> we love that open. looking for a fun recipe for the kids? look no further. the mom squad is here with a special granola treat. jennifer byers our newest mom squad member, good morning. >> good morning. >> so glad to have you here. >> thank you. >> you have twin little girls. >> i do. >> that’s what makes you a mom squad member. we will show pictures of your gorgeous girls. how old are they? >> two-and-a-half. >> a very busy mom. >> very, very busy. they keep me hoping, isabele and lily. they are helping me bake. >> gorgeous. >> they love to help mommy in the kitchen. >> oh, i’m sure. how cute. is that your husband? >> yes. >> gorgeous, gorgeous. so glad you’re here. we know that we like to make fun recipes with the kids. we saw your kids enjoying cooking with you as well. what are we making today? >> we are making oat and almond bars. like a homemade granola bar. it is really qui



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