MOM SQUAD Member Helen Wickert And Her Kids

MOM SQUAD member Helen Wickert and her kids say “Goodbye to America”.
Here we are.nnWe replaced the flowers with more food. We want to make sure say it with flowers, we want to say thank you. They provided gorgeous flowers.nnThey do a great job. They adorn us so well.nnIt has been so nice.nnSo we’re saying it with food this morning. Some afterschool snacks. Your children are so well-behaved.nnThank you very much. They’re good kids. I’m proud of them al.nnThey’re well-fed! Are you ready to dive into this monkey fod?nnMonkey munch.nnMonkey munch.nnOr puppy chow.nnAre you the one that said hi to america?nnThere was one that wanted to say bye to america. We’re about to say good-bye for the week.nnNo.nnEverybody going to say good-bye?nnGood-bye, america.nnWhat did do you with the happening and carmel with the conut?nnI sliced it up and dipped it nutella on the right.nnGo ahead and go for one.nnYou want to get some food?nnWe are saying god-bye for the week.nnYou



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