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All right. Forget the store or the bakery this morning mom squad member helen wickert is back with great ideas that aren’t really bought but made with love in your own kitchen. The best part is the kids can help, too, right, helen?nnThat’s right. They call can help. Any things on the plate they can help.nnAre we ready for santa?nnYeah!nnIntroduce your kids.nnThis is adam, he is 7. This is jayden, 9 and evan and leah are twins and 5.nnSo you brought a bunch of stuff. We are only going to make one today. Tell me, i guess, first what we’re taking today.nnToday we make raspberry fudge balls. They are like a truffle but simple and yumy.nnAre they all simple? Is.nnI made all of this last night.nnThis is a good gift idea you can give to family members. Is this something you guys do every year?nnWe do more and more every year, i do it. It means a lot that you’ve spent the time to make something



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