Mom Squad – Helen Wickert

Quick Easy & Inexpensive Holiday AppetizersnMom Squad – Helen Wickertnwww.mamaslittlenotebook.com
This morning mom squad hem helen wick dert is back on the blend to give us holiday recipes. They are fast and easy and inexpensive and delicious. Welcome back. Rinsed and drained. One can of corn and one can of chopped mexican tomatoes in there and at’s all in the bowl.nnEasy and inexpensive.nnUnder $5. This is perfect.nnI love it. My kind of recipe.nnWe add in about half a cup of red onion and a little bit of cilantro.nnThere is my favorite ingredient.nnI love it, to.nnIt is bnothing is better than homemade salsa.nnColorful and festive and pretty. That’s it.nnDo you chill it before you serve it?nnIdeally you can chill it for 24 hours but at least 2 or 3 hours. It is a great make-ahead like the day before because the flavors kind of mix in together.nnBreak it out later.nnPut some cumin or lime in.nnI’ll put this in the bowl here ready to serve so we can eat it later. What are you making



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