Mom Squad-Granola

Jen Byer shows Carley a great way to make granola bars.
You.nnA special granola treat for you. Good morning, jennifer. So glad to have you here. Tell us, you have three little girls.nnI do.nnSo that’s what makes you a mom squad member. We’ll show you pictures.nnThey are 2 1/2.nnImagine you’re a very busy mom.nnVery busy. They keep me hopping. Isabella and lily. Isabelle and lily.nnGorgeous.nnThey are helping me bake. They love to help mommy in the kitchen.nnI’m sure. How cute! Is that your husband?nnYes.nnGorgeous. So glad you’re here. So we than we like to make fun recipes with the kids so your kids enjoy could go cooking with you as well. What are we making with you today?nnWe are making oat and almond bars.nnOat and almond bars.nnLike a homemade granola bar and it’s really quick and easy. It’s really healthy. And yummy and the kids love it.nnYou’re always giving kids granola bars.nnWhen it’s homemade then it doesn’t have all the extra pres



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