Mom Squad / Football Food

Helen WickertnI will be making a dip (REALLY EASY) and also showing a yummy game day dessert!
Oh, yeah. You know you can go over to mcdonald’s have a coffee drink, frappe or smoothie and surf the internet. They are wi-fi.nnI don’t know why we call this the mom squad, it ought to be called the kid’s squad. Don’t you think, kids? Here’s our favorite family the wickert family. So you know helen and let me introduce you or let the kids introduce themselves to you starting with, hold the micro fen up to your mouth. You are.nnJaden.nnNext?nnAdam.nnJaden, adam and evan and leah. All right. Who’s my favorite wickert? Today mama wickert is ready for the super, duper super bowl dip she is making. How much of this stuf can these guys go true on a game day?nnPretty much the whole thing.nnYou like this, don’t new.nnOh, yeah!nnWho’s the cutest?nnMe.nnThat goes without saying. That’s w kids. So what are you making over here?nnI am making a really quick, easy dip that’s very delicious.nnThis is



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