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Helen Wickert / After School SnacksnCheesy Apple QuesadillasnOatmeal Raisin BarsnApple Moons
After a long day at school nothing is better than coming home to a delicious afterschool snack. Helen wickert has quick and easy recipes that are tried and true but your lovely children here. Normally we show pictures of your children but we brought them today.nnThey are all here.nnThis is jaden.nnHow old are you?nnNine.nnYou wanted to say hi to america, right?nnYes.nnGo ahead.nnHi, america!nnAll right. Good job. And then behind you we have?nnThis is adam right here. He is 7 and then these are twins, this is leah, she is 5 and evan is also 5. Leah is 20 minutes older than evan and she reminds him of that very often.nnI admire you. I know have you a busy household. I know how important afterschool snacks is. What do you do?nnWe do lots of different things. Most everything is homemade, just because it is a lot cheaper and healthier and you can control what goes into them. Yesterday we made



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