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featuring a mother on a mision, a couple missions atually. first to get families eating together at the table and the second mission is to get this lovely mother here her own tv show on the oprah winfrey network. welcome mother of four helen wickert. good morning. >> good to be here. >> tell me a little bit about yourself. you can tell by your accent you are from britain originally, right? >> originally from britain. we have been in the naples area about three months. we came via tenessee but we lived in alaska for about 17 years prior to being here. >> you have four kids, two of which are twin. >> yes, keep me very busy. >> tell me a little bit about this mission to get families at the table and why is that important to you and your family? >> i grew up eating meals around the table and we are so technology-minded anymore that people are texts and watching tv. getting to the as a family



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