MO Food Truck Fest – Paddy Wagon – 9/15/17

MO Food Truck Fest – Paddy Wagon – 9/15/17
[?] >> tom: and welcome back. we have another example of great food you’re going to be able to taste at the mo food truck fest tomorrow. in fact, the past champion. mark with paddy wagon. >> kelly: nice to see you. >> guest: you too. >> tom: tell folks who have never experienced, what is paddy wagon about. >> guest: all american diner food. things that you don’t necessarily get at chain restaurants, was our goal. we opened the truck with that in mind. >> kelly: and decorated the truck with that in mind. >> yeah. >> kelly: absolutely. >> tom: you’re kind of, you know, comfort food in a way. that’s what diner food tends to be. let’s give an example of what you have. why don’t we start on this one. tell folks what you brought. >> guest: that’s a california grilled chicken sandwich with dill pickles, chips and a home made ranch. >> kelly: can i try this one? >> guest: sure. bacon, avocado, p



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