MO Food Truck Fest – Holy Cow – 9/15/17

MO Food Truck Fest – Holy Cow – 9/15/17
[?] >> joy: welcome back. phillip from the food truck holy cow is here with us today to talk about the big food truck festival of course coming up tomorrow. >> guest: yes. >> joy: tell me about holy cow. >> guest: well, we’ve been in business for about a month. it’s been a labor of love. we’ve been getting ready for nine months getting ready for the big event. we focus on mainly vegan and vegetarian dishes. 75% of our menu is plant-based. but we do not leave the people that eat meat out of the table. we have some of our most popular dishes. >> joy: so this is an indian-themed restaurant. >> guest: yes. >> joy: how did you get interested in doing that? other than the food is amazing. do you like indian? >> tom: some of it. i don’t like all of any food. >> joy: you’re picky. i bet you can make him happy. >> guest: i bet with the butter chicken. it’s a killer dish. i got into indian food be



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