MO Food Truck Fest – Bearly Wrapped – 9/11/17

MO Food Truck Fest – Bearly Wrapped – 9/11/17
>> jeremy: welcome back to “ozarks live!.” melissa bonnow from the food truck bearly wrapped, which i have to say is a great name for a food truck. >> guest: i love it. >> jeremy: she’s going to be at the mo food truck fest this saturday. tell us about bearly wrapped. i’m assuming it has to do with something wrapped? >> everything is wrapped. we do chicken, ruben’s dessert. everything is in a tortilla. >> joy: ruben’s in a wrap? >> guest: we do. >> joy: what a great idea! >> guest: one of our top sellers. >> jeremy: i never heard of a ruben in a wrap. >> joy: back up and tell us how you got started. >> guest: i have a passion for cooking. i asked why don’t we try this? so we did! [laughter] >> joy: you’ve been in business for how long? >> guest: last september. almost a year ago. >> joy: right at a year. you’re located where? >> guest: we just are east of sarcoxie between joplin and spri



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