MN BBQ Society

A local BBQ Society is making it’s mark
warmed up and snow started melting, people had their grills out. this is minnesota. > a good barbecue is usually siynonymous with the south, but even northerners can have a barbecue. members of the very elite minnesota barbecue society. >> i have to tell you that my stomach is growling smelling this behind me. it is phenomenal. the minnesota barbecue society may be fairly new, but they are making their mark all across the midwest and once you see what they do and taste what they do, you will know why. ? > you could call it their job away from their real job. this one just happens to be a bit more tasteful. >> it is a nice way to, you know, break the — >> made up of 100 members all over the area, all with different skill levels in outdoor cooking. >> how often do you use this as an excuse? i am going for the guys. we have a competition coming up. or is it more for fun? >> it is more for



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