Miya’s Sushi

Restaurant Week New Haven
new haven restaurant week, four more to enjoy fine dining for a fraction o fraction o the cost. he >>e places to try is miya’s sh and hehef and un lai is here to tell us about how to mak to wonderful sushi. >> absolutely. >> you have with you andy, a culiry student. >> yes. >> a man of very few words. >> w >> wat aremaking making toda >> all o the dishes that youhat youe over here isr here is inspired by new haven restaurant week, and be cabecause new haven is a very l international to with tons artists and a realy educated d – >> >> a l of greattalent.talent. foo reflects that. these were developed for restaurant week. >> >>wow. >> specifically for fortaur restaurt week? >> absolutely. >> this looks fantastic. >> you use a rice that is –tt is — plain th rice for rice for us. you use a multigrain rice >> yes, yes, wese a multigrain rice that has barly, oats — the historyry ofsush does



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