Mixing Up “The Blend”

We have three local bartenders in studio to each make their own version of “The Blend,” an original recipe. Molly and Tiffany choose their favorite of the three!
of reasons to raise our glass ts morning. >> we sure do. our facebook fans spoke up and nominated these 3 bartenders as their favorites. [applause] >> we’ve got kim here on the left. from most in the third ward. zach is in the middle from dylan stake house, and julie joins us from knob a lot of thunder bay facebook fans stepped up. you all have so many people talking about everything you drink. kim, i’ve come and taste tested as well. >> what makes a good bartender, tuning? >> i think a good barred tender is — bartender is someone friendly, who wants to sit around and talk. >> and me the drinking you want. >> and a psychologist as well as. >> oh, yes. >> you were going to garnish this, but i said please wait. what have you whipped up? >> i have i’ve whipped up a star lit, kind of a twist on a cosmopolitan. >> you named it the star lit, why? >> because i thought that it was tasty, yet so



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