Mixed Drinks

Mixed drinks from Rick Jester
there we go. >> perfect weather for a summer drink. >> that is right. >> that is a single. >> manager, cheeseburger in paradise earlier showed us how to make one, in case you can’t get to the rest runt. but something that is harder to duplicate would be the drinki-ficatio. this. rick, thank you for matching the decor as well. >> good job. >> tried to blend it in as best as i could. what do you have for us here? >> where are you going, randy? >> i’m getting a hamburger. cheeseburger. >> cheeseburger. >> all right. i’ll be making the pink flamingo margarita. what this has is a sugar saul rim. this margarita is a good mixtu mixture. >> is that a 50-50 mixture? >> what we use in this — harg ritaville tequila which is right here many we are going to do an ounce of that. half ounce. we’ll do another half ounce right there. >> centrifugal force. science people. and magic! >> this is infusion r



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