Mixed Berry Compote

We’re making Mixed Berry Compote in the kitchen with The Pier Restaurant.
it, good to go. >> let’s head over to theov kitchen. patrick is cooking with the pier restaurant.nt >> kevin is here from the pier restaurant. nt holidays coming up, this a cheese p late side dish thath people may want to put together for entertaining purposes. >> exactly. we’re hitting the holiday season, so this is something you ou never wa nt to go empty-handed to a party, s oo instead of bringing ng a bottle of wine and the nachos and salsa, let’s go to the cheese store and get great cheese. i have pa couple of great changes to accompany the cheese plate. i’m going to make a berry cmpote ot and relish. is so you’re looking for different textures when you’tere putting your plate together. >> that’s a big block of cheese you have right there. >> that is a>> big block oflo cheese. >> did that start out like a giant wheel? >> it started out a ss a quarter wheel, pate 0 to 100 pounds and



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