Miraval Resort And Spa

Spectacularly positioned in the warm shade of the Santa Catalina Mountain range in Tucson, Miraval is a truly stunning Arizona resort. Their unique Tucson, Arizona resort caters to your every whim, allowing you to indulge the senses like never before. For over a decade, Miraval has ranked as one of the world’s most outstanding spa destinations.nnMiraval Resort & Spa
>> well, the life change and life reaffirming moment, if you’ve never had an experience move you that way, then you may want to book a stay at a resort and spa. >> because they do things differently at mare raball. they have fab fabulous sp spa resources an gorgeous food. >> here is simon and executive chef chad. welcome to the show. >> thank you so much for having us. >> we’re going to cook up something. it looks beautiful alreadiment can you tell us what it is? >> yeah, we’re going to be doing a pan sheerd arctic shark and a tomato guspacho, something simple, light and full of flavour. >> sound like it. before we get cookin’, take us through some of the ingredient qents. >> well, we have here — cucumber, bell pepper, red and green hal hal pen no and sfresh cilantro, red and gold chopped red onion and our main ingredient is arctic shark. >> very fresh ingredient. >> arctic char, people



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