Minus 5 Ice Experience Is Opening July 21st

The new bar is located in the Grand Canal shops in the Venetian
31 years people have been saying these are the locals i’m talking well, we want to see the show but it’s too late we have to get up for work. they never e wanted to do an afternoon show and wanted to do an anevening show because it’s exhausting. so noah given to pressure and we’re going to try one and keep the late-night shows but on weekends i’m going to do these brunch and happier shows. >>: love happy hour shows and you can get more information at frank marino.com. there is some of the celebrity fans you’ve had a lot of people over the years and the show is at the linq s athotel. it is starting on tuesdays. make sure you check him out, more information is at frank marino.com. now, to be even more fabulous. >>: my first custom change of the day. >>: i feel like you need a drink. do you need a drink? this is the best custom change. show out with a cool cocktail. please welcome noel bowm



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