Mini Burgers & Strawberry Shortcake

We’re cooking a delicious duo of mini-burgers and strawberry shortcake with Ted’s Montana Grill.
cooking on this earth day. d patrick, what’ s going on?g >> raul and micah, raul is the boss at ted’s montana grill, mike is the boss in toshe kitchen and this morning, we’re making an earth dayth type theme burger. go ahead. give pelleron thero rundown, mike.mi >> we start out with our ground beef, meat and ground a bison, we’re going to cook that on the grill with ath little of ted’s burger seasoning.ng >> which we’re not allowed to see what it is. >> top secret. >> we’re going to cook that depending on how you like that cooked and dress it up with a lettuce, we have our green leaf lettuce, shredded eisenberg lettuc nice big leslice of tomato, tored onionon slices, pickles, chips and top the burger of off with keys and we have ourselves a bison cheesee burger. .>> what do you have counsel there, raul?er that looks like something elizabeth is going to be interested in at thete end of th



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