Mini Bagel Pizza

ireland show us how to make bagel pizzas
latest recipe. ?? >> hi, everybody, i’m going to show you a really fun recipe today. mini bagel pizza, my brother riley loves any type of pizza and love them because they’re so cute and so easy. we’ve lined the pan and sprayed it with cooking spray so it’s easy clean up. mom likes that. spread the bagels out on the sheet. i bet i can sit a few more on there. yeah p. maybe some in the middle. and we can take a little bit of tomato sauce, pop some on to every one. this is just pizza sauce from the jar. you don’t have to do anything fancy. now we can just spread it around. now we’re ready for some shredded mozzarella cheese, my favorite part. the more cheese the better really. finally, we’ve got diced up pepperoni and if you don’t like pepperoni you could do sausage and even ham. if you don’t like anything, you can just do cheese. not all of them have to have pepperoni. here we go. now let’



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