Mimitas: A Taste Of Cuba In The Valley

A relaxed atmosphere with music, art and friendly service.
they are right off of interstate 17 there. >> thanks so much. >> thanks. >> taking this spirit, culture and the space of cuba is easy when you have the art and great service and great food critic where are photojournalist takes us on a culinary adventure today. >> my husband had been wanting to open a cuban restaurant for a very long time. >> the people who know cuban food, they ask, is this real cuban? when we say yes, they say, we will seek. >> [ applause ] >> i can tell you that we make everything here. we even cut the plan cane — plantains, bread and that in itself is pretty unique and the food that we have you do not find everywhere you have bell peppers, onion, garlic, tomato sauce. bill setting basis to the food that we eat and then you have the audience and garlic and lemon or limes and all of oil. >> you cannot have a cuban restaurant without black beans. >> the first item is w



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