Mimi’s Red Velvet Cupcakes

We’re make Mim’s Red Velvet Cupcakes with City Girl Cupcakes.
on my facebook page as well. let’s head over to the kitchen, vince. >> hey, you like cupcakes? i guess that means yes. who doesn’t love cupcakes 70 and we’ve got two young ladies here, and they belong to a group called city girl cub cake. i’m going to let you introduce yourself. >> i’m katherine. >> and i’m zadella. >> where doing? >> i go to elizabeth brown school. >> i go to lincoln school. >> how did you hook up with th this? tell me what you do? >> this summer we came up with the idea to sell cupcakes in front of my grandpa’s store and we knew we wanted to give the money to charity. >> where is your grandpa’s store? >> federal hill. >> on atwell avenue? >> yes. >> so you came up with the idea we’re going to sell cupcakes with the idea of what, what are we going to do with the cupcakes? >> we knew we were going to give it to charity, that was like children related. we went from there,



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