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>>> welcome. some local homeowners are raising the bar in home design with influence and sometimes. >>> in milwaukee home and fine living you have different garden design and ideas. >> and back to give us a preview, i love looking inside the houses. >> thank you. it is fun, isn’t it. >> it is a blast. starting with the biking settlement. the thing that blows me away, the creel neglects this place. s. >> high. >> are they as high as they look in the magazine? >> i was actually an evolution in the design. it includes prairie, very obvious prairie influences and they both have norris ancestry. they are from wisconsin. if you go back four generations they are from norway. they wanted to have big tall windows and let in lots of natural light. it is ecologically friendly. they didn’t want to worry about direct sunlight and frank lloyd wright had overhanging eves. they were worried about having



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