Miller Weiner Communications

The folks from Miller Weiner Communications come on the show to share a few necessities for the Super Bowl.
>> the super bowl is considered one of the biggest moments in sports and tv but more importantly it’s one of the best excuses to throw a great party with your family and friends. >> look for a celebration as exciting as the tiewlz game. sunday isn’t the same without the right food and accessories. crista is here with all the tips you need to win big, thank you for coming on. >> thanks for having me. the super bowl, next sunday. >> next sunday. >> what are we going to need to throw the great party? >> one thing about having a super bowl party it’s the most laid back party you could ever have. no fuss, lots of finger foods. super bowl ease ghe i have — supereasey. >> let’s start out down here. these are mo joe synergy, all you partyers are going to want to have it on hand. it’s a patented and prickly pear cactus. it protects against and minimizes your hang over symptoms. >> hey scham. >>



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