Milford Irish Festival

Milford Irish Festival on September 19th.
irish soup. welcome to both of you. what are we making? >> potato leek soup. >> i already ecanot wait for the segment to be over because i need to dive into that bread u.k. toss me one. — that bread rightat r there. can you tos me one? that is damaged. this is a traditional irish soup recipe. you say for thoset challenged in the kitchen — >> it is very easy. >> get us started. >> we will take some leaks. >> tell us about the leeks. this bread is really, really good. i kept s melling it meevery tevime i walked by so i had to try it. what about the leeks, you say they are similar to scallions. >> it is like l a giant ascallion, milderer than an onion, buti they are sandy so you have to be careful when you prep them, mp ake sure you soak them and rinse them off very wel. >> so you let that all heat up. >> saute our eleeks. >> what is chris doing over there. >> peeling some potatoes. >> ha



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