With beautiful mountain and city views, over 100 varieties of tequila and the best specialty margaritas in town, Miguel’s is Tucson’s hot spot. This Tucson restaurant also offers a seasonal wine dinner. If you are looking for one of the best restaurants in Tucson you have found it. Delight in New Latin American Cuisine prepared fresh daily.nnMiguel’s
>> we certainly know mexican food here in tucson. >> what about spanish cuisine? our next guest is going to show you how to prepare the perfect paella. >> hi, angel. thanks for being here. cooking paella. tell us about this beautiful paella. >> it is a spanish dish that comes from the eastern parts of spain, from valencia, and it’s typically used with whatever is available, seafood, fish, east side of spain, you’re going to find shrimp and even he escargo and clams and mussels. more central, you’ll find higher proteins, rabbit, beef, pork. there’s so many varieties nowadays. >> it is a spanish dish. but how have you sort of given it a latin american twist? >> this is the funny thing is that i haven’t given it a latin twist. i allowed the paella to give the latin america cuisine a latin twist. we emphasize the central american and south american questcuisi cuisine, i figured why don’t we



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