Miesfeld’s Meats

A look at Miesfeld’s, a family owned meat market in Sheboygan.
ñuóuñ>óuñ>[u>ñ>m>ñóu[uóuñ>o… >>> hey, we’re back. fire up the grill because today we’re giving you some different stuff do on the grill. i think we all seem to do the same old, same old stuff. so today weaver going to change things up. get a little crazy. mad dog and merrill are are over there, talk about crazy. there you can. they are. you can hear them. right now we’re going to she sheboygan. at a little meat market. quiet on the spept they’re breaking things over there. but ‘s a huge meat market, wonderful meat market and they’re known for their brats and all the different flavors in sheboygan. >> we started in 1941 my grandfather, and then my father took it over in ’63. now we have 24 varieties. we make jalapeño cheddar, french, beer batter and onions. we’ve realy expanded it. the ingredients, i mean, everybody can put their own spices in, but it’s how you make it and ho



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