Midwest Council For Children With Disabilities

MCCD has been assisting Sheboygan County special needs children with therapy, medicalntreatments, equipment and supplies not covered by health insurance for more than 10 years.nnJoin your friends and neighbors for an exciting afternoon sampling an elegantntasting menu of outstanding gourmet food prepared live by the area’s finest chefs Your vote will help decide Elkhart Lake’s first …
>>> welcome. well whips are getting ready to whip and knives getting ready to chop and chefs in charge are creating masterpieces. >> how about that in an effort for kids with disabilities and special needs. chef in the kitchen is jacob remes object citizen executive chef at the lake street cafe and one of 7 chefs competing in top chef elk heart lake competion benefiting mid wes counsel for children with disabilities and rick gunderson is counsel board member. guys, nice to have you. >> good morning. >> we lohse talking chef competitions and independent you will whip something up in a second. fist tell us, this is the first time for you to do this competition, right. >> it is exciting. >> it is. >> we were looking for fundraising that would be new and thought with the craze in the food network and cooking shows and everything. >> and great restaurants you have. >> yeah. >> we thought let’



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