Middle Eastern Food Fest

Middle Eastern Food Fest at St. Nicholas Antiochian Orthodox Church.
of ladies sharing their family recipes has turned into a cookbook of favorite arabic recipes and the middle eastern food festival was born. here to fill us in is mary and anna. welcome to both of you, thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> earlier we got a beginning on grape leaf rolling technique and that is just a small part of this. there is so much fod. one of the things that is so great about midleastern food is it is fresh and really healthy. >> it is really healthy. >> tell me about the lengths you go to use fresh proleds. >> we pick our own grape leaves and prepare them ahead of time, ve them frozen, then we make the rolled leaves fresh two days before the festival so everything is fresh. >> you’re not picking this of a can at the grocery store. >> no. >> we have to pick the leaves june or july because that is the season. after july they become very tough. >> so you can pick



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