Microwave Pizza

story by sonia baghdady
year. super bowl weekend is almost here, but are you stocked with enough snacks for the big game? wings are a big hit, but so is pizza. in tonight’s consumer report, news channel 8’s sonia baghdady checks out a new microwave that promises the perfect pizza. super bowl sunday is one of the busiest days of the year for pizzerias. so how about making pizza at home? a new microwave promises pizza in record time. consumer reports puts it to the challenge.fresh pizza made at the local pizza shop looks and tastes so good… that many people think cooking a pizza in their microwave can’t even come close. “not crispy, not fresh, doesn’t taste very good.””it reminded me of eating a cardboard box.”but with new microwave claims, consumer reports was hungry for a challenge. testers cooked frozen cheese pizzas, pitting a microwave against a conventional oven.first contender – the 200-dollar apollo hal



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