Michael Symon

Elegant Holiday Brunch
>> mike: for most of us, holidays are the time for friends and family. and, lots of people. cooking, and trying to visit with everyone. our next guest says brunch may be that perfect solution. chef michael symon. nice to have you on the blend. >> that, for having me. brung is awesome. you can sit down, and be comfortable, and eat it in your pajamas, and hang out. >> mike: what are some of those great one dish meals? >> i mean, this is great because, for me, it is simple, to make great food you ned great ingredients and equipment. i have a lot of people, at the restaurant. and equipment to do the work. look at this, this is fantastic, bacon, and i put potato, and rosemary, and they all fall down in there, and golden brown, and you do it in one pan. >> mike: that’s good. this is tough, you’re not in the studio. i can’t smell it. [laughter] >> mike: get dirty like that. [laughter] >> let me



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