Michael Fusco’s White Chocolate Dark Cherry Bread Pudding

Michael Fusco’s white chocolate dark cherry bread pudding
dessert than the weekend? we’re in the reasor’s kitchen for another fun food friday and we’re joined by chef michael fusco from michael fusco’s riverside grill. you’re going to show us a delicious twist on traditional bread pudding in just a moment. first, we want to mention you’re involved in a special event next weekend. how long have you been part of a taste of tulsa? taste of tulsa benefits big brother, big sisters of tulsa and features dozens of the area’s finest restaurants as well as auctions, a wine pull and live music. it’s next saturday the 29th at the tulsa convention center ballroom. the fun starts at 6:30. tickets are 150 dollars per person and can be purchased online at “a taste of tulsa dot org.” what are we making today? if you’d like the recipe for white chocolate, dark cherry bread pudding, you’ll find it on our website at kjrh dot com.



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