Michael E. Minden Diamond Jewelers

You’ve got the girl…now you just need the ring! Whether it’s for engagement, or the big day itself, Michael E. Minden Diamond Jewelers has been “putting a ring on it” in the valley for years! Michael sat down with Dao to talk about their selection of rings and bracelets.nnThen… Shawn meets our three contestants to have a good ol’ fashion cake eating contest! The person who finds the ring first wins a beautiful Chamilia bracelet and moves on with her man to Friday’s finale, where they’ll face off for a chance to win matching wedding bands, titanium with a silver inlay, from Michael E. Minden Diamond Jewelers!
welcome back, everyone, you’ve got the girl rgs now comes the ring. whether for your engagement or the wedding, michael minden joins us now. you bring in the most beautiful jewelry. >> thank you. >> dao: talk about a couple that’s going to get entbaidged. for a guy that comes in and they don’t know where to start, how do you lead them to what diamond? >> the simplest thing to do when things like this happen are the diamond is the most important part of the ring. all the women they have their own ideas of what they like and what they would enjoy. a lot of times they don’t find out until five, six, seven years, that the wife didn’t hike her ring and wanted to change it, which is shocking. the best thing to do is just know what shape of stone she wants. come in to the store, pick out a diamond, beautifully cut. we put it on a simple solitaire, propose, surprise her and bring her in and what



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