Mexican Chicken Chowder Made In A Crock Pot!

The Kitchy Chicks share their recipe.
five days away! >> welcome back to so before the big day of cooking “san antonio living.” can you believe that christmas is five days comes, make youraway. dinners simple. >> before the big day of cooking make this morning, we’re showing you your how to make mexican dinners really simple, and chicken chowder all in a crock pot! the kitchy chickseasy. this morning we’re going are joining us with their easy recipe to show you how to make that’ll please everyone at the mexican chicken chili. >> been open for one week. >> about a week now. >> i’ve already bought that stuff. that’s awesome. >> you’ve got more. let’s talk about how to fix something that’s quick and easy and make your home smell really good. >> this is our mexican chicken chowder. it’s a great recipe for entertaining. >> it all has items that are simple. >> very simple. >> very, very easy. we’re going to start off with two and



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