Metropolitan Ministries Still In Need Of Turkeys

With more people finding themselves in financial binds, charities such as Metropolitan Ministries are struggling to get donations of holiday items, turkey being most in demand.
from the public. scott has more tonight. >> reporter: donations were steadily coming into metropolitan ministries today. but just as much was going out with the kickoff of the annual holiday distribution program. metropolitan ministries says this year’s need is bigger than ever with a 10% increase over last year. >> with more and more families finding themselves in a predicament they have never been in. >> reporter: vanessa is one of the people who was used to giving to charities during the holiday. this year after being laid off she is on the receiving end. >> i’m not looking for anything in particular but just a little help. >> reporter: and she got it, turkey and all the fixings. she left with a full cart and a little peace of mind. of all the items metropolitan ministries needs turkeys is on the top of the list. >> anybody that can help us by bringing a frozen turkey down here they’l



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