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right. let’s go to the kitchen. chef’s already cooking. >> sauteeing and smelling good. >> thanks for having me. >> delicious. it’s good to see you again. oh, my gosh, what did you start with? >> carmelized onions. this is going to be the base of our curry broth. you start with car malized onions, a little wine, gee glaze the bottom of the pan. >> i can’t believe the smell. >> this is coconut milk. >> are you using the full led? >> oh, yeah. you can use the light stuff. >> it looks thick. >> it’s going to be really thick. when we make the mussels, we’re going to add more wine. >> we’re going to add lemon grass. indigenous to thailand. at the restaurant, i’ll be prepping this. it will take a couple of hours, well throw with the lemon grass, and we’ll add red curry paste. it’s got a little shrimp taste. there’s 20 or 30 ingredients. we use it fro a company. >> yellow curry, green, red. >>



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