Mesa County Eating Healthy

Most of the country doesn’t get enough fruits and vegetables. But, Mesa County is trying to break that nationwide trend
new c-d-c report gives america’s an “f” for not eating enough fruits and vegetables. but our area fares a little better when it comes to healthy eating. kjct news 8’s rob hughes tells us why, nat pop- (nats full-peach hitting ground) “the first vegetable that kids are given…i’m sorry to say…is a french fry.”pat stiles with the mesa county health department says food habits are set by the age of 5. “part of the reason has to do with our busy lifestyles.” a new c-d-c report wants 75% of americans to eat 2 or more servings of fruit daily…and 50% to eat 3 of more servings of vegetables daily. yet not a single state met these goals. “our convenience 3 food…families don’t sit down with families and have dinner together.”but mesa county is doing well. nearly 35% of adults eat five or more servings of fruits or vegetables a day…and that jumps to more than 40 percent here in grand junct



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