Merrill Recommends Multinationals

Analysts’ message is to reduce exposure to bonds and more defensive stocks and pile up more on equity is tied to international market which includes Exxon Mobil, Johnson & Johnson and McDonald’s. (The Trade)
the strategist over at merrill lynch is bullish about stocks. what do they recommend buying? let’s go to michelle in new york. >> hi there, we have heard from the analysts over at merrill lynch, and their main message is this, reduce exposure to bonds and pile up more on equity is tied to international markets. that includes names like exxon mobil, johnson and johnson, and mcdonald’s. consistent with that team, they expect the u.s. dollar to weaken further against the euro by the year end. the dollar is lower today. with a weak dollar, they recommend investors by european and japanese equities. they are forecasting an increase with the dow jones stocks at 600. they do expect oil demand to increase. for the fixed-income assets, the guys over at merrill believes that the yield on the tenure is heading to 4.2% by the end of the year. right now, we’re at about 3.6%. equities are still the wa



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