Melting Pot

Making fondue for a good cause
>> i thought we would be done with the mozzarella. more cheese. that’s coming here from melting pot. there’s a national cheese fondue day. >> that’s correct. april 11. sunday. this coming sunday. >> this coming sunday. >> it might be my favorite day of the year. >> it’s one of our favorites, too. for every cheese fondue sold, we’re donating $10 to the jamison camp. >> that’s a significant donation. how long have you been partnered with the camp? >> about a year. >> this is dan shipley. tell us about the jamison camp. >> we’re on the west side of town. we have a residential overnight summer camp for kids age 7 to 17. a lot of them come from disadvantaged families. families who are having a hard time making ends meet and really have to make some tough decisions about whether the kids would come to camp or not. this thing from the melting pot helps those families have their kids come to cam



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