Melt Away Hoilday Stress With Chocolate

Melt Away Hoilday Stress with ChocolatenAnn CzajanLinot Master Chocolatier
Chocolate is.nnNot that i want to take your job, but is there a job opening?nnCurrently, no. I’m very sorry.nnDarn. How do we find gifts for family and friends the holidays can be stressle and stressful and chocolate can help?nnYes, there was a survey and 70% of women polled said the holidays were stressful, buying presents, wrapping presents and entertaining added to their stress. We wanted to help them refocus and recenter to spend time with their family which they said was very, very important to their well-being and have come up with helpful tips.nnGo ahead and share some.nnI would love to. First of all, make a list. Make a list for when you go shopping to organize yourself and have the people you are buying for make their wish list so that way you get what they truly want. Premium chocolate, everybody loves chocolate. It is an afordable luxury, so it is a really good gifting idea.nn



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