Mel’s Hard Luck Diner – 9/26/17

Mel’s Hard Luck Diner – 9/26/17
front announcer: highlighting businesses and services in the ozarks – welcome to ozarks professionals. (singing server at mel’s hardluck diner singing “i’ve got your memories, where has it got me?”) jeremy: okay, when here in branson there is no better place to eat and be intact entertained then mel’s hardluck diner. you get an amazing meal and of course you get entertained by the serenading, singing servers who are all amazing, by the way. some of the best performers. jeremy: hi stephanie! stephanie: hi! jeremy: thank you so much. okay stephanie, with all these choices – i have no idea where to go. what should i get? stephanie: oh my gosh. well, we have an awesome reuben sandwich so that’s over here with our sandwiches but you can’t go wrong with a burger. jeremy: burgers are pretty good? stephanie yeah, the patty melt is my favorite! matt: my name is matt and my favorite thing here at



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