Mel’s Hard Luck Diner – 7/17/17

Mel’s Hard Luck Diner – 7/17/17
[?] >> jeremy: i can’t think of a better place i’d rather be on a beautiful day after the grand village in branson, missouri. i’m talking with mel bilbo. you have several businesses >> guest: i do, mel’s hard luck diner, reflections and austin. >> jeremy: you stay busy. >> guest: yes. >> jeremy: i love coming here, because i feel like i’m stepping into a new world every time i come here. it’s so beautiful! your shops are top-notch. especially kringles. it’s christmas year-round >> we’ve never been open and not sold something. every time the doors have been open, christmas has sold. people love it year-round >> jeremy: people love the unique items. i’m a big fan of the kneeling santa. >> guest: yes, beautiful piece. and we have those in a lot of different forms. there’s the story of santa kneeling before the baby jesus. it’s a beautiful piece >> jeremy: the true reason for the season. >>



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